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JessicaJonesS1E2 Crush Syndrome by MangaAngel
JessicaJonesS1E2 Crush Syndrome
T-shirt design for episode 2 of Marvel's Jessica Jones... wanted to incorporate the street names but i'll save it for a probably bigger episode...
JessicaJonesS1E1 Ladies Night by MangaAngel
JessicaJonesS1E1 Ladies Night
I guess i'm dropping the draw-a-day... i do draw everyday i just can't reach DA or FB everyday and it became more of a chore... this new plan will work FO-SHO!!! i'm gonna do a shirt design for episodes of my fave shows... Jessica Jones just started!!! episode 1 Ladies Night... not a spoilery design...


also i Dropped the Draw a Day for lack of feedback... so please leave your comments ^_^ pretty please
Draw-A-Day 19-11-2015 by MangaAngel
Draw-A-Day 19-11-2015
Draw-A-Day 19-11-2015... #Movember Draw a day RETRO-ACTIVATE!!! Missed the date so grabbed #DBed 's random name genrator and ran with it...

Last one... Iron one! I guess i have Axe Cop on my head... Iron One is his position... the chief of police on a planet inhabbited bya race of creature made of various metals. Iron carries his trusty hammer with him everywhere...
Love that generator!

Draw-A-Day 18-11-2015 by MangaAngel
Draw-A-Day 18-11-2015
Draw-A-Day 18-11-2015... #Movember Draw a day RETRO-ACTIVATE!!! Missed the date so grabbed #DBed 's random name genrator and ran with it...

Here are the Star Troopers! A star shaped alien race who are known across the cosmos for their glorious beards and ruthless law keeping acting as judge, jury, and more often, executioner!
Love that generator!

Draw-A-Day 17-11-2015 by MangaAngel
Draw-A-Day 17-11-2015
Draw-A-Day 17-11-2015... Draw a day RETRO-ACTIVATE!!! Missed the date so grabbed #DBed 's random name genrator and ran with it...

Here's Clockwork Crusader... a Time traveler swordsman... with his time-scope he sets off correcting wrongs through time hahahaha... love that generator...

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first read my previous Journal it's right here -> Hello watchers! New and old!Hello ya'll!!!
let me tell you something about my DA experiance... DA is one of the major forces who pushed me to edvance and create art and to produce my own comics company in little old Israel!
few things about me...
my name is Omer(sounds exactly like Homer from the Simpsons) Artista(my Capoeira nickname, i teach capoeira) Elmaliah(you can try to pronounce it... ell-ma-lee-ah(deep-throut sound)
yeah i am from Israel... i am jewish by my family but am an Atheist... more like polytheist as in there are many forces governing over us all... i just don't religiously follow none of them.
I live near Tel Aviv, the living hub of Israel, if you think NYC is the city that don't sleep let me tell you about TLV! you can fill your day 24 hours with activities... clubs and pubs and beaches and mountains... we got it all and it's awesome!
as a comic artist i self-published my two books named 'Powerstar' and 'Powers of Israel'!
'Powerstar' is a four part series on a noob superhero looking for his p

I have two main books, 'Powerstar' and 'Powers of Israel'
'Powerstar' is a superhero book, four part origin story arc, a hard working regular joe nice guy named Joel wakes up after a night at the pub, tied to a chair in an apartment filled with bodies, and SUPERPOWERS! in his search to find their origin he gets a sponsorship offer to be a full time super hero, he's new at it but he is not alone

'Powers of Israel' is an anthology book spreading our knowledge on the Powers of Israel, the first book introduced us to 'the Comet', 'Ballagan'(chaos), and the 'Doghouse' a safe haven for the were-dog nation. also appearing or noted are ,'Yehudda the Maccabi', 'the Partizans', and 'Freelance'...

so you wanna be featured in my book? i got a few options...
option one, FANART!!! i wanna include a few fanart pieces every issue, so feel free to draw my heroes and link me up with permission to print...

option two, contribute to my book however you feel you can... this one is a no payment gig so it's to your choosing if you can and wanna do a few pages, working from script, a one-shot story in the 'Powers of Israel' anthology book. you will get a few books sent to you so you can sell them or just present them to other publishers as a portfolio piece.

option three, this is what you're here for, PAID PROFESSIONAL WORK!
to get me to offer you a paid gig you must contact me with your portfolio, it's usually good to have some page samples, designs and pin-ups, and sucking-up fanart pieces ^_^
i can't offer a full big company paycheck but i hope that working on my book may help you get a leg in the door, i also have good friends already working that i can put a word for you with them.
and if i like you and your work i hope we can build ourselves together.

-Artista Omer Elmaliah


Omer Elmaliah
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
How you doin'?!

Current Age: 24, Current Residence: israel

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Heyo'. --I've been asked by several different people on multiple occasions about joining a group called the 'Omega Cluster'. I'm a little wary of joining groups from past experiences...

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